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“After breast feeding my first child for nearly 2 years without any problems I wasn’t expecting anything to be too difficult when my second child came along. Unfortunately things didn’t go to plan and I ended up with really cracked, sore nipples meaning that feeding him was agony. Zoe was a godsend! Her calm, gentle, supportive approach gave me the confidence to continue to breastfeed, and get through what was a very difficult and emotionally fraught time. Not only did she give me wonderful evidence-based advice about breastfeeding itself but she also helped me learn to express and bottle-feed breast milk to my baby to give my nipples a chance to heal and keep up a good strong supply of milk. Her support, encouragement and guidance made all the difference and meant that we could recover and go on to breastfeed without any problems or the need to ever give my baby formula, which I wanted to avoid if I possibly could. I honestly don’t think I could have got through it without her and I am so grateful! Thank you Zoe!”

Hove Mum 

“Our baby was born at 37 weeks and after visits from five different community midwives over as many days – all were very helpful but gave slightly differing advice about breastfeeding – I decided to contact Zoe as I wasn’t finding breastfeeding easy and my baby seemed to only suck for a few minutes and then fall asleep. 

I was so relieved when Zoe arrived. She listened attentively to my concerns, and was very supportive, encouraging, and kind. Zoe suggested the latch was OK but improvements could be made in the efficiency of the sucking and that my baby was sensitive to milk flow. Having Zoe’s undivided attention for as long as I needed, her expertise and observations of my baby feeding were invaluable.

Zoe suggested tools for enhancing milk flow and sucking technique, ways in which I could stimulate milk production, and how the use of bottles of expressed milk should be avoided until feeding was established. 

Four weeks on from the initial consultation and all is going very well. Our baby is gaining weight steadily and I am breastfeeding with the occasional use of bottles of expressed milk so my partner can feed while I catch up on sleep! I’d highly recommend Zoe if you need support with any aspects of breastfeeding.” 

Hove family. 

“Zoe, I just wanted to write a few words to say thank you and to express my gratitude for the help and support I received from you. My son is now 7 months old and he is just a bundle of joy! I know that this is mostly down to the fact that he has been breastfed since birth. I had so many issues in those early days and the best thing I did was send you an ‘SOS’ text on day 6. You came to see me the following day and helped me immensely. You were so kind and gentle that day. I was tired, in pain and very emotional. 

With your ongoing support and advice I managed to overcome using nipple shields and treatment for a breast abscess. I can happily say that everything is going so smoothly at the moment and I can’t thank you enough for the care you have given me. I am so proud of myself for getting this far and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. Once again thank you thank you.”

Kemp town, Brighton, Mum 

“Zoe, I just wanted to express my gratitude for receiving your help nearly one year ago. The help in the hospital wasn’t great and I was send home without having established breastfeeding at all. Then 3 different midwives came to our house not knowing how to help and telling me I should maybe give up. A week after giving birth to my little girl you came to Forest Row and told me: you absolutely can breastfeed, without a doubt. And I did! Because of your words and trust and help I  never doubted the fact I could! And here we are, nearly 1 year later, we’re still breastfeeding. The most important thing is I was able to breastfeed and still am.”

Forest Row Mum. 

“I regret only one thing, not enlisting Anouk’s services earlier in my breastfeeding journey. Anouk came into my life 6 weeks into agonising breastfeeding, where each day I convinced myself I would get the knack, watching the ‘good latch’ video over and over in the hope I might be able to recreate it on my own. Thank goodness I called her. I didn’t need to be alone. Anouk arrived with her expertise, kindness, empathy and crucially, a plan. I think I cried on her instantly. Whatever your obstacle, she will demistify it and help you realise that you are fantastic and doing a remarkable job even if you feel like a failure. I breastfed exclusively from about 8 weeks until 12 months and I’m so glad I did. And all with thanks to Anouk”. Charlotte. Brighton.

Pictures courtesy Paul Carter / www.wdiip.co.uk