How we can help

Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Support 


 What to expect 

  • A relaxed virtual consultations at you and your babies pace.
  • A visit in the comfort and convenience of your home.
  • Taking your full breastfeeding history.
  • Observing a complete feed.
  • Initial assessment of your current situation.
  • Assessing your baby’s mouth and sucking skills.
  • Opportunity to practice techniques and build confidence.
  • Leaving you with a mutually agreed plan.
  • Follow up, tailored to your needs.
  • Non-judgemental support irrespective of your circumstances.


Packages & Pricing for Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) Breastfeeding Services

From initial enquiry we hope to make contact within 24 hrs.

Initial Consultation

Includes up to 2 hour appointments £105 in usual working hours. Evenings and weekends limited appointments £130.

Follow up Appointments

Further appointments £60 per hour, for ongoing additional support & to review feeding plans.

Comprehensive Package 

Includes three appointments up to 2 hrs each, including text/phone support  £240. Provides continuity and on-going support as you build confidence with feeding. 


Tongue Tie Service 


Tongue Tie Assessment and Procedure (frenulotomy) single appointment £240


Tongue Tie Assessment

Essential prior to tongue tie procedure.  £100 for up to 1 hour appointment.

Includes assessment of feeding (breast or bottle), the function and anatomy of baby’s tongue, lactation support and a telephone follow up.


Tongue Tie Procedure (frenulotomy)

Provided by Anouk. £140 for up to 1 hour appointment.

Following tongue tie assessment. Includes tongue tie procedure, feeding support, feeding plan and weight as required and telephone follow up appointment. 


NOTE: Tongue tie assessments and procedures may be separate appointments or together. All babies must have a tongue tie assessment by Brighton Breastfeeding team prior to procedure.


Further information about tongue tie


Arrange a Consultation

Contact us via email or text. See our individual pages. 

We can also offer a video consultation. In person appointments will involve Covid screening questions and we will be wearing PPE as per current government guidance. 

Free travel within central Brighton. For other areas mileage of £1 per mile will be charged.

Parking costs will need to be covered by you. Please advise us if you wish to provide a permit.

We appreciate as much notice as possible should you need to cancel your appointments, as this allows us to re-allocate the appointment to provide care to other families.


We are also available for talks and professional training