About Us

As Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultants we are qualified and experienced to support mothers and babies with all areas of breastfeeding, from preparation and the early days, to complex problems that may arise throughout your breastfeeding relationship.

Our philosophy

Every women who wishes to breastfeed her baby should receive the support most suited to her needs. Every mother baby and family has the right to be fully informed and supported to breastfeed. Our aim is create a safe and supportive environment and to sensitively provide consistent, accurate and evidence based information to enable you to achieve your aims.

Working together

Zoe founded Brighton Breastfeeding in 2014, and welcomed Anouk in 2018. As two Lactation consultants working together, this enables us to provide a really comprehensive service and increases our availability. This also allows us to benefit from each others skills and expertise, which in turn we can share with you. Zoe and Anouk are members of Lactation Consultants of Great…